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Soy-rizo – Vegan Chorizo

Have you ever made a dish that you haven’t made in ages but you remember as the most amazing food ever, only to find that time has not been kind and that your memories are much rosier than reality? Not … Continue reading

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Refried Bean Enchiladas

During my adventurous cooking years – that would be my 7 years of poverty as a grad student – homemade refried beans were a staple. Once I discovered a recipe in New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant, I was hooked. Their … Continue reading

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Vegan White Chili

I first came across “white chili” while living in Minnesota. Usually, it is white beans, chicken and some chilies, although not too much. Minnesotans don’t like too much heat, at least in their food! But lately I’ve been challenging myself … Continue reading

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Charred Corn Tacos

Charred corn tacos – such an inventive dish! I have been thinking about doing this ever since Smitten Kitchen posted them and finally the stars aligned and it happened. This was amazing. So delicious. Vegan, and protein free, but so … Continue reading

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Corn, Lime, Jalpeno, Cilantro Pizza

Here’s one from the archives – white pizza with corn, jalapeno, lime and cilantro – with an updated photo. It is a fabulous combination that too few people know about unless you live near the Berkeley Cheeseboard, which makes it … Continue reading

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Green Chile Enchiladas

Reading Mexican cookbooks makes me realize that while the ingredients are humble, the steps are many. But do not let this deter you; it is so worth it! I had never cooked with tomatillos but when they came across my … Continue reading

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Chorizo and Potato Tacos

If you live in the Los Angeles area, here is news for anyone seeking truly local, pasture raised meat. Lindy and Grundy has opened their doors and it is a joy to behold! I visited a few days ago and … Continue reading

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