Garden Update – First Radishes

Radishes are definitely a harbinger of spring – they sprout nearly overnight, grow in pre-frost conditions, and provide a crisp crunch signaling spring veggies are right around the corner. Fresh from the garden they have a snap and a peppery zing that I love. A traditional preparation is on bread with butter, really good! But I also love them tossed with rice vinegar, sesame oil and salt like this.

Here I added them to a cheese plate since their spice goes so well with the creamy blue cheese I had on hand. The other cheese on the plate was a gouda and its buttery flavory paired nicely with the radishes also.

This is the first of many posts detailing what my garden provides. If you are planting as well, I would love to hear your updates as you harvest!

Happy Gardening!

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1 Response to Garden Update – First Radishes

  1. Reeni says:

    You're so lucky to have garden fresh veggies so soon Kirsten! I'm completely jealous!

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