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Sherry Braised Artichokes, Andalusian Style

Now that I am finally living in my own place, with my own stuff, after nearly 2 years, I am re-exploring my cookbook collection. Ironically, just before I ended up putting everything in storage and moving in with various family … Continue reading

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Chocolate Ricotta Tart

I pride myself on my ability to cook/prepare multiple items at the same time, whether it is making soup and baking bread or rolls or making several different vegetable dishes at the same time. It is the juggling act that … Continue reading

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Lamb and Barley Soup

Growing up in New England it was April Showers that would send my sisters and I into the kitchen for warmth, where my mom would make a spring soup or stew. Here in southern California we have June Gloom, when … Continue reading

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Garden Update – First Radishes

Radishes are definitely a harbinger of spring – they sprout nearly overnight, grow in pre-frost conditions, and provide a crisp crunch signaling spring veggies are right around the corner. Fresh from the garden they have a snap and a peppery … Continue reading

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Cacio e Pepe AKA Pasta with Pecorino and Cracked Pepper

The seed packet for arugula states that you should be able to harvest in 40-45 days. My first pickings were at 35 days! If you are a fan of arugula, toss some seeds in a pot (or the ground if … Continue reading

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Fresh Fennel Salad, Moroccan Style

Ahhh fennel. I love its crunch, its slightly anise-y taste, its herb-green scent. But it rarely is the star of the dish, always the supporting player. Here it shines all on its own. Add a few dashes of piquant flavor … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Marinated Chick Peas

As I mentioned here and here Chick peas are a favorite legume of mine, and whenever new ways of preparing them cross my path I quickly give it a try. Cooked chick peas with Mediterranean herbs, salt and olive oil. … Continue reading

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