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Turkey Salad with Walnuts and Dried Cranberries

Even if you brine your turkey, it will become dry after it has cooled. The best way to revive it is to add some mayonnaise, and this simple salad is a great way to use up those leftovers. I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

…And so it begins, the quest to use the Thanksgiving leftovers in creative ways! Yes, everyone makes turkey soup – it seems a shame to waste that carcass – but adding wild rice  really brings something more to the soup. … Continue reading

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Spinach, Olive and Feta Stuffed Chicken with Panko Crust

Some people can’t get enough chicken – they would eat it at every meal given the opportunity. Myself, I much prefer eggs (or dishes made with eggs) rather than the bird itself. But every once and a while, I make … Continue reading

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Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad

I had never eaten (let alone heard of) persimmons until I arrived in the land of California. They’re an interesting looking orange orb, with a green “cap” on top. My last roommate froze them and then scooped out the flesh … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Ideas – A Round-Up

Thanksgiving is only a week away and if you’re still putting your menu together, here are some suggestions that you might consider. I like to include old favorites along with a few new fun dishes. Whenever I’m planning a dinner … Continue reading

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Raw Cranberry and Apple Relish

One of the joys of living in Minnesota was going to the Farmers’ Market in the dead of winter and finding fresh produce. I know that probably seems unbelievable, but it’s true. Of course the produce was cabbage, and frozen … Continue reading

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Balsamic Green Beans with Almonds and Goat Cheese

My family has very few traditions, let alone traditional dishes for holidays, with one specific exception: this dish. When our far flung family happened to make it to the same table for Thanksgiving, we always had green beans with almonds, … Continue reading

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