Cheese Ravioli with Butter Onion Tomato Sauce

Can you hear that big grin spreading across my face? A smugness that just permeates my writing? I would apologize but I fear that my emotions seep too easily through my words and you would know that my apology wasn’t genuine. I just love to make homemade pasta, and stuffed pasta like this ravioli, in particular. But what I love even more is to serve it to friends and family. I am particularly vain about it, and refrain from telling them that it is homemade until they have tried it. Then I bask in the glory. Ahh, the Italians who perfected pasta were most certainly descended from gods!

For this ocassion, I was anticipating several small children for dinner so I stuck with a very simple sauce, but one about which folks on the food blogs have been raving. It is the simple combination of butter, tomato and an onion cut in half, simmered for an hour and enjoyed immediately. It was heaven.

Of course, since it was a dinner party, I had to add an extra touch, and made homemade riccota cheese for the ravioli. So easy, so delicious. Again, all bow to the Italian Food Gods! Look for a future post about how easy it is to make ricotta, but if you can’t wait, I used this recipe.

Butter Onion Tomato Sauce
 28 oz whole tomatoes (San Marzano if possible or your own canned!)
1 whole onion, peeled, cut in half
4 tablespoons butter

Place all ingredients in sauce pan and bring to low boil. Turn down heat to low and simmer for 1 hour, mashing up the tomatoes to help them break down. Salt and pepper and serve over cooked cheese ravioli. Pass grated parmesan cheese if desired.


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2 Responses to Cheese Ravioli with Butter Onion Tomato Sauce

  1. home-made sauce AND home made cheese. You domestic goddess you. Lucky visitors :o)

  2. Faith says:

    You are a rock star for making your own pasta! The sauce sounds fabulous too. 🙂

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