Farmers’ Market Bounty – April 7

It’s been a few weeks since I, a) remembered to bring my camera to the market and, b) went to the market. The flowers look amazing and so vibrant!

Here’s what’s new and exciting in the market.

Baby artichokes are here with a vengeance. I held off on buying them just yet because I still have so many from marinating them a couple of weeks ago. Fava beans also made a first appearance and I will post what I do with them in the coming week.

I’m still tempted by the squash blossoms, but the price here was just too high. Here’s hoping that will come down as the season continues, $8 is just too much for my limited budget!

I finally allowed myself to sample some of the freshly made cheeses. I’ve been giving this stall a wide berth knowing that I couldn’t resist if I tried some. I went home with some fresh ricotta and smoked mozzarella. I’m not sure if I’ll make a stuffed pasta – ravioli, tortellini – or just take the easy way out with a pizza. Stay tuned!


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