Farmers’ Market Bounty – February 17

For the past couple of weeks my day off happens to fall on Wednesdays which is the day of the best Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica. Since I’ve been going I’ve loved discovering what is really local and in season. Even though I’m in Southern California we still are getting typical winter veggies like lots of roots – carrots, parsnips, turnips and beets. But it is also citrus season so coupled with the rhubarb and cauliflower we got beautiful blood oranges. Unfortunately I forgot my camera for the trip to the market so this time the photos were taken at home, but next week that will change.


We went a little overboard in our shopping (which happens too often at the market!) But we walked home with: snap peas, cauliflower, romanescu cauliflower, celery root, rhubarb, blood oranges and navel oranges, brussel sprouts and a chermoya.


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One Response to Farmers’ Market Bounty – February 17

  1. I'm so jealous of your cali folks. Farmers market heaven!

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