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Spicy Thai Beef and Broccoli

I recently reviewed my blog posts and realized that not only were there few meat recipes (not surprising since I personally follow a mostly “Mediterranean” style diet) but also few entrees. Here’s a post to rectify the dearth of both … Continue reading

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Easy Crab Salad

Crab is one of those foods that I rarely eat since it is hard to find true crab (as opposed to the rubbery faux stuff) and is usually prohibitive in cost. Enter Trader Joe’s, the bargain godsend of food purveyors. … Continue reading

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Fresh Herb Potato Salad

Although I grew up on the East Coast, both of my parents were from the Midwest and my sisters and I definitely grew up on a meat and potatoes diet. I still love potatoes in any season but I particularly … Continue reading

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One Pot Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfasts is available at Gillie’s in Blacksburg, VA and they call it “Chappie’s Choice.” It was my Sunday ritual and such a treat since it is pretty hearty and hefty: pan fried potatoes, covered with scrambled … Continue reading

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White Pizza with Corn, Cilantro and Lime

I am seldom impressed with my own food. It’s not that I’m overly critical but I think the cook rarely enjoys her food as much as others. My personal theory is that you smell the food as you’re cooking it … Continue reading

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Chilled Avocado, Citrus and Mint Soups

“Variations on a Theme” is a famous piece by Bach (trust me, you’d recognize it) and inspired by that I made not one but two chilled avocado soups, drawing on the abundance of citrus here in the Ojai Valley. Initially, … Continue reading

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Bruschetta, in Honor of Julie and Julia

If you haven’t seen Julie and Julia yet, shut down your computer and go now! Not that it’s the greatest movie but it exemplifies all that is wonderful about the current food-foodie movement and craze: Julia Child’s exuberance (Meryl Streep … Continue reading

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