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Kasha and Italian Sausage Saute

This dish was something that I whipped up because I was bound and determined to eat some kasha. Kasha is the term for buckwheat grains before they’ve had their outer “germ” polished off to create buckwheat, and is often found … Continue reading

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Fritata – Better and Quicker than an Omlet

I love to cook Italian food, but for the longest time I was intimidated by fritatas. I have no good reason why – I can’t even tell you what were my deep dark fears, I just didn’t think I would … Continue reading

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Phyllo Without Fear

I consider myself a humble cook – I don’t do fancy, I prefer simple, easy recipes that harken back to how people used to cook before modern conveniences. But I do admit to feeling just slightly superior about cooking with … Continue reading

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Kombucha – The Elixir of Life

Kombucha – just the name of it sounds mystical and healing. I can’t remember the first time I drank it beginning nearly three years ago, but I know that I got hooked immediately. Not only did it feed my “sour” … Continue reading

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Irish Comfort Food – Colcannon

Colcannon (pronounced with the accent on the “col” which sounds like “coal” and the second syllable sounds more like “kennen”) is about as Irish as you can get: potatoes, cabbage and leeks. Most people think of corned beef and cabbage … Continue reading

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Enjoy the View!

This is the breathtaking view from the lighthouse at Point Reyes Station in Marin County, CA. My roommate and I went there two Sundays ago and even though there were 25 mph winds (very very windy!) it was still amazing. … Continue reading

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Eat the View!

Peas I started this blog back in September as Wall Street began its tumble, and begged people to grow something that they can eat. Well here’s my own contribution. Since I don’t have a big space for a central garden, … Continue reading

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