Unleash that Inner Lion!

I’m a proud, stubborn, arrogant (mostly in my head), defiant, brash Leo. I’ve had long moments of messianic complex and deep valleys of humiliation (also mostly in my head). But as I continue to struggle with these extremes of who I am, I was inspired by this horoscope for the new year for Leos of every stripe. It’s from my favorite weekly horoscope site and I wanted to share it. As an often generous Leo (although not in the typical and traditional sense of the idea) I urge everyone to take up a bit of the king of the jungle mantel and incorporate it into their 2009 undertakings.

Leo: How much of your animal essence is in captivity, and how much is running free? Is your inner lion able to wander at will through places where it feels at home, or is it trapped in a confined space it would never stay in if allowed to choose? Keep coming back to these questions during 2009. It will be an excellent time to spring the great cat in you from conditions that make it pace in neurotic circles. (www.freewillastrology.com)

Love and Hugs!

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