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This is What a Real Pipeline Looks Like…

(Bill Richardson, Kathleen Sebelius, Tim Geithner, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, Tom Daschle, Hillary Clinton) Comparisons are inevitable in politics and news reporting, it makes for good drama and hence interesting news. Above are some of the people that Obama has … Continue reading

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Drooling Over an Overstocked Pantry

When I’m bored, I think about food. Not necessarily eating food, but preparing it. But this isn’t your run of the mill fantasy of creating sumptuous dinner parties or baking sticky sweet treats. No, instead I perform what I think … Continue reading

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Putting My Education to Good Use…

Schweitzer * Richardson * Ritter * Napolitano Everyone has pet peeves, whether they recognize them as that or not. It might be as small as being left with the cardboard roll of empty toilet paper or an unmade bed, but … Continue reading

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Trusting Strangers with My Life, Redux….

My loyal readers may recall my second post when I talked about using the local carpool system to get to work free, and with a lower carbon footprint. Well if I could, I would gladly bike to work, but the … Continue reading

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L’Chaim! To Life!

I am not sure how to explain it, but suddenly I am so interested in cooking again! I don’t know if it’s the fact that Obama is going to the White House and so some karmic release in the world … Continue reading

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Happy Obama Day!

I am FINALLY so proud to declare that I’m an American, that I live in a place that has finally done the right thing and not simply by electing an African American for President. But by electing a man who … Continue reading

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